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airsC▓hina urges U.S. to stop interfering in Hong ▓Kong affairs08-13-2019 09:58▓ BJTBEIJING, Aug. 12 -- China▓ on Monday urged the United States to immediately stop interfering in Hong Kong affairs.The remarks came as Hua Chunying, ▓a spokesperson with the Chine▓se Foreign Ministry, responded to a query about the "color ▓revolution" label that Hong


Kong has tend▓ed to wear recently.As many people in Hong K▓ong have pointed out, the o▓rdinance amendment issues have changed in their essence, and now bear the features of a "color re▓volution," said Zh▓ang Xiaoming, director of the Hong Kong and M

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one talks08-


acao Affairs Office of the State Council last Wed▓nesday.The U.S.

14-2019 09:19 BJTBE▓IJING, Aug. 1

side has▓ frequently made irresponsible remarks on▓ Hong Kong affairs, which confused black from white and incited ▓troubles

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, Hua said.Some▓ key politicians an▓d diplomatic officials from

Vice Premier Liu He▓, a member o

the United Stat▓es, who have interacted with pro-democracy rio▓ters and unjustly accused the Chinese centr▓al government, are c

f the Politi

onniving v▓iolence and illegal acts jeopardizing prospe▓rity and

cal Bureau of t▓he Communist Par

stability of Ho▓ng Kong, she added.With all the obvious facts, Hua said she wonders "what the real intention of th▓e U.S. is"

ty of China C

and "what the▓ U.S. is using Hong Ko▓ng for."The spokesperso▓n r

entral Committee and chief of th

eiterated that ▓Hong Kong belongs to China▓ and Hong Kong affairs are purely China's internal ones.China urges the United Stat

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de of the Ch

request w

S. labeling China as currency manipulator not true: scholarU.S. labeling China as currency manipulator n▓ot true: scholarU.S. labeling China as curre

ith U▓.S.

ncy ma▓nipulator not true▓: scholar08-13-2019 09:40 BJ▓TBEIJING, Aug. 12 -- T▓he U.S. assertion that the recent depreciation of ▓the Chinese yuan against

Trade Rep

the ▓U.S. dollar amounts to curr▓ency manipulation is not true, a U▓.S. scholar has said▓.It would be more correct ▓to say that the Chinese authoritie


s gave in to m▓arket pressure -- the immediat▓e source of which was none other than U.S. President Do▓nald Trump's announcement of new tariffs on Chinese

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zer and Treas

ing U.S.

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